Mastering Riding During Hot Summers

Riding During

Summer is a time where people will ride their bikes more often. But summer brings heat, which will bring about several challenges, like decreased performance, dehydration, and rarely even an illness related to the heat that may result in death.

There have been occurrences of bikers dying from extremely high temperatures, so you have to be careful when you’re riding in the summer. You shouldn’t stop biking because of a bit of humidity or sunshine. Here are some ways you can cool yourself when the heat arrives.

Get Used To The Heat

Riding without being prepared when the temperatures are high is the most typical mistake riders make. If you’re not used to riding in the heat, then you won’t get much improvement when you work out. You’ll be more perceptible to injury while thinking you’re doing more work. Try to ride when the weather isn’t at its peak, and make sure you do stuff that will get you used to the heat. Going to the sauna is an excellent example of something that will help your heat tolerance. If you have no choice but to ride in extreme heat, make sure you hydrate and take frequent breaks under the shade.

Keep Yourself Protected

Getting a sunburn is worse than it seems. It’ll make you more fatigued, and your metabolism will increase. You may think that increased metabolism is beneficial, but it makes your body require more fluids. Your body needing fluids during a hot day is a bad combination since you’ll already be trying to stay hydrated. Do your best to stay protected from sunburn. Wear sunscreen, and wear clothing that has sun protection built into them. Don’t forget to keep your nape protected since when you’re riding, the nape is usually exposed.

Plan for Hydration

You’ve most likely had your drink become warm quickly while out in the heat at least once or twice. To prevent that from happening, have two bottles of your preferred beverage and freeze half of one and freeze two-thirds of the other with the drink. If you’re a mountain biker with a hydration pack, fill it with ice cubes or fill it halfway and freeze it. When you go on rides that are longer than usual, plan and see where you can go to refill your water. Drinking cold fluids will help your body stay cool and enables you to perform better.

Keep Yourself Hydrated Enough

Before you go on rides, consume more fruits and vegetables that are high in water content. Your body will sustain the fluid better if you consume sodium, so when you’re riding, drink a beverage filled with electrolytes. Make sure you’re drinking about 10 milliliters per kilogram of your body weight, for example, a rider that weighs 150 pounds will drink a bottle that contains 20 ounces every hour. When you finish your ride, you should drink a recovery drink that’s based around protein instead of one that’s based on carbohydrates. When protein travels to the muscles, it will pull water along with it. If your preferred drink for after a ride is water, then you should have a snack with it. Make sure the snack contains sodium, protein, and carbohydrates.

Keep Yourself Hydrated
Keep Yourself Hydrated