Long Distance Bicycling Can Be a Breeze

Long Distance Bicycling

When you’re someone that loves to bike, going on a long-distance ride will get you to feel a sense of pride that you accomplished it. Seasoned bikers and beginners think this way all the same.

You shouldn’t worry about long-distance rides much if you’re new to biking. If you’ve never gone on a ride that lasted more than an hour, then you should know that you shouldn’t be concerned. Fitness isn’t the only thing you need to succeed when riding for long distances. You’ll also need to plan and strategize well.

How You Can Make Long-Distance Rides Easier

Having decent endurance is needed for long rides on a bike, though. So, if you want to do long-distance riding, then you should build up your rides’ intensity and distance whenever you go on a ride. For example, the usual ride that you go on weekly takes you a single hour. Every week after that, you add thirty minutes to the rides. By the time a few months pass, you’d be prepared to go on a century ride.

Long-Distance Rides
Long-Distance Rides
  • You should go on rides more often if you can. Try and add a few rides on top of the one you’re usually going on every week. Training for cycling long distances doesn’t have to make your whole body sore every time. Rides meant to help you recover from your regular rides are as essential for when you’re trying to get your fitness base built. So, if you’re looking to go on long-distance rides, keep reading since there are more tips for you.
  • If you’re looking to have the endurance to last the whole ride when going a long distance, then you shouldn’t be exerting all your energy at the beginning of the ride. It counts when you use an efficient gear to pedal with on your bike. A gear that won’t overwork your legs and isn’t harder than it needs to be. Try to get a gear that isn’t as hard on your legs, and make sure it has a cadence higher than regular gears. You can give your muscles and aerobic system some rest if you maintain a cadence of about ninety rotations per minute.
  • When you go out for a long-distance ride, then you should make sure to eat and drink enough. Two vital parts of maintaining your energy and speed are hydration and nutrition. Each hour you’re on your bike riding, you should drink one bottle. However, it may vary depending on how hot it is and how much energy you’re exerting. The essential part of hydration is drinking water, so you can mix whatever you want into it as long as it has water. Every quarter of an hour take a bite out of some food. Stay consistent so that you’ll be used to it and your body can adapt to it. If you’re going on a ride that takes over a few hours, make sure you have a stop where you can refill your bottles and eat some food.