How to Start Cycling Again – Post-partum Help


There is no specified amount of time a woman should wait before they start riding again after they give birth to a baby.

A woman can do almost anything six weeks after giving birth. Hopefully, the delivery of the baby was a natural process with no complications. If everything has been a smooth process, then you are required to perform a bit of light exercise when you’ve returned home after giving birth. Using a bike will involve sitting on sensitive body tissues, and if you delivered through C-section or had any complications, then you need to keep that in mind too. Your body is your guiding hand when you want to know what to do.

Give Your Body Time to Restore

Everything that’s hard and causes significant pain is often compared to giving birth, and there’s a reason that that is the case. After you give birth, you should be expecting your body to be worked to the core because of the whole situation. If you went through vaginal delivery, then your uterus will have significant swelling. You most likely have gotten an episiotomy done on you so you might have stitches and tearing. There are some women where they have the muscles in their abdomen separate from each other. Your joints may still not be entirely tightened up, so be careful. You will have to carry the baby in your hands as it gets heavier. You will begin producing milk, which might make you have a second bra prepared as a back-up.

Give Your Body Time to Restore
Give Your Body Time to Restore

All of these issues will take time to heal and adjust to overtime. You’ll have to make sure you’re healed up at least for the most part before you get onto your bike. The most crucial component to worry about is your uterus. After you give birth, the uterus will have the placenta separated from it, which will cause some blood to get into the uterus. When you get the placenta out, your uterus will try and get the exposed blood vessels to stop bleeding into it by continuously contracting. Your uterus will be shrinking slowly over the next couple of days, and it’ll keep causing your excess blood and tissue to become discharged. The discharge coming out will become lighter during the first week after giving birth, but it will go away before a month has passed.

You will have to take a longer time to heal if you went through a C-section. You will need to wait many weeks for the incision in your abdomen to finish healing. You’ll risk tearing the incision back open if you get into too much strenuous activity. Getting the muscles of your stomach sliced through isn’t a pretty experience. You wouldn’t be able to climb the stairs in either direction, and you wouldn’t be able to carry the daughter while it’s still the first week or so. Your body uses stomach muscles frequently because of almost everything you’ve done. After a few weeks, you’ll get used to riding on the bike, but it will take you some time to get onto your bike comfortably fully.