Bicycling During Springtime and Beating the Weather Related Issues


During the days when it isn’t the optimal time to go biking, it’ll be a challenge to get your time riding outdoors. It could lead to losing your fitness or feeling that you’re unproductive.

Whenever spring arrives, a new season of cycling begins. Many bikers consider it to be a fresh start. Spring will get bikers going on long rides that feel liberating.  Although bikers get to enjoy their fun rides after waiting for winter to be over, some challenges come with spring. Examples of the difficulties that come with spring include unfortunate rainfall and having to deal with allergies. These challenges can’t stop you from riding in the spring. Here is how you can comfortably ride during the spring.

What To Do When You Have Allergies?

You shouldn’t go all-in with medication to get rid of allergies when spring comes. Some ways aren’t too complicated, which will help your allergies not affect your spring rides as much as they could. First, find out what’s causing you to have allergies in the first place. Could it be caused by exercising, the pollen from the flowers, grass and trees, or the spores from mould in wet woodlands? If you want to know your specific allergies, then you can consult with an allergist to get yourself tested. After the tests, you’ll be able to see what you’re allergic to and how sensitive you are to different allergens. You can avoid discomfort if you watch out for what makes your allergies act up and what causes it to get worse.


If your allergies are caused by mould or pollen, then riding after it rains or during night time is the best time where exposure is minimal. You can try checking online for a forecast on the local allergens. Then, if the allergen levels are too high in the area, you might want to stay indoors to be safe. When you know what’s causing your allergies, you can do the correct procedures to prevent them from acting up too severely when you’re out riding. You can try to take an antihistamine if you don’t have any allergic reactions that aren’t too severe.

How To Get Through The Spring’s Rain

You’ll be able to experience comfortable temperatures on your rides during the spring. But the pattern of the weather of spring can fluctuate significantly, and it’s unpredictable often. Checking the weather forecast before you ride might not be enough. You might see that the sky is clear, which makes you prepare to go on a ride. Then, when you’re out on the trail, it starts to rain heavily. You should keep yourself prepared in case this type of situation happens to you. You should get a waterproof case for your phone, so it doesn’t get damaged by the rain. A portable, lightweight waterproof jacket will help you stay warm and dry. Keep every single light charged. So when it’s dark, they’ll make sure you’ll have a way to see your surroundings. For extra warmth in case of an emergency, you can try and keep a pair of cycling gloves and a cycling cap on hand.