Airlines in The US That Are Best for Carrying Your Bicycle


Bicycle enthusiasts love the idea of being able to cart their bike everywhere they travel and using it to explore new and adventurous trails. Sometimes, some competitions urge cyclists to need to carry their bicycle on a journey to the destination.

Most cars that bicycle enthusiast own have all the accessories and space necessary to take the bike along. However, if travelling from one end of the US to the other is in order, then you are going to need to take the bicycle along with you on an aeroplane. Almost all airlines in the US allow for cyclists to carry their cycles as luggage on their trips. However, the main thing that stops cyclists is the fees that are required to take the bike. The revenue that airlines make in baggage that is carted has climbed over the years by over 20%, and the trend of rising in baggage prices has not slowed down. Worst part is some airlines love to charge based on size long with the weight of the baggage. While they allow golf equipment or ski equipment as regular baggage, they charge bikes with hefty prices because of the boxes for bikes.

Preparing for Transport

Before embarking on a journey with an airline, make sure you have the right packaging to cover and pack your bicycle before travelling. Best bike cases are the soft ones as they are best cost-wise. While hard cases are great, they also attract top prices when flying with your bicycle, mainly because of the weight of the hard cases being a whopping 30 kilos quickly. However, do remember that the airlines will charge you with a liability waiver form to say that they can’t guarantee damage-free transport when using soft cases. 

Beat the Fees

While the fees can’t be waived off completely when you are flying, you are best off using the airlines that would charge you less. Alaskan Airlines charge you $100 for a max weight of 100 pounds while American Airlines charge $150 for lesser weight than that. Southwest airlines are free for the baggage and charge you only $75 for the extra-sized baggage making it one of the best to choose. Delta is the same as American with its costs and should be one of the last choices. JetBlue is not so great either with similar expenses plus $100 for transporting a bike. Frontier Airlines cost $95 and $75 for motorcycles. United Airlines is another one of the big priced ones.

Transporting a bike
Transporting a bike

There are other things you can consider to make the prices and the experiences more palatable. If you travel a lot in a year, then you can alternatively use your fly miles to claim some baggage size relief for transporting your bikes. Make sure you shop around for cases that are best suited for flights and are designed to be less in weight and can keep your bike secure as well. Choosing the fly-out destinations and arrival airports can considerably help in reducing the cost of flying, especially if you are selecting a smaller airport for arrival.