KMC 11 Speed Chain Review: A Functional Bike Jewelry

Do you need a hardworking and lightweight chain for your bike? If you do, you might be pleased with our KMC 11 Speed Chain review. This Taiwanese distributor is big in the chain business. They even provide Shimano with outstanding Groupsets. Not only do they provide components to third parties, but also have their own-branded products. At the top of these name brands, is the compatible 11-speed KMC X11SL.

This piece of useful bike jewelry will give your bicycle and exotic touch. If you do not believe us, read our review.

Review of the KMC 11 Speed Chain

If you need a variety of performance and enhanced technologies, look no further than the KMC 11 speed chain. Why, because this chain is the 1st series explicitly made in accordance with the demand of the 1x drivetrain and single chainring.

The Design

KMC 11 Speed Chain

On the outer plates of the chain, KMC uses a double X-Bridge with x-shaped inner face identification. The reason for this is it gives more room to use larger teeth on the popular narrow to wide chainrings. Furthermore, it has an added chamfer. This you can find displayed on the upper-left and lower-right corners and looks like rounded edges. This helps prevent contact between closely spaced cogs and the chain causing damage in the outer plate.

KMC has also added chamfering on the inside of the internal plate. This beveled border runs all the way around the perimeter of the plate. You can buy the KMC chain with different links. There are other updated chains ranging from a lightweight to superlight version.

The latest one on the market has a ‘Diamond-like Coating’ compared to the Gold one. The weight of the X11 chain is in between 230 to 270 grams and depends on the part number you buy. The chain works with a wide range of single chainrings and cassettes but you can still use it with a double chainring setup. The other great news is the chain has a gold titanium nitride coating for durability and gives your bike some bling.

Furthermore, the slots in the chain help reduce weight and are easier to keep clean.

Equipping the KMC 11 Chain

Thanks to the Missing Link system KMC introduced the chain is easy to fit. With a chain tool, you can remove the unwanted links. Then you use the link you removed to clasp the chain together in place. You do this by using your finger. Once tensioned, the likeliness of it coming undone is minimal. The downside is once you remove the link you cannot use it again and a replacement costs you a couple of dollars. Cyclists have advised they have used the chain for months without it stretching or the coating coming off. Another standout is the 11 is Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM compatible.

Standout Features

  • The KMC chains compatible with all 11x systems
  • The pin length is 5.65 mm
  • There are different link chains available
  • The chains coated with titanium nitride coating
  • Designed with double x toughness
  • Designed with a missing link system
  • Weight can vary and depends on the type of chain you buy
  • Can buy the chain in silver, gold or in a diamond coating
  • Has a double bridge shape and hollow inner plate
  • It has a hollow outer plate with inner plane chamfering
  • Great to use on road and mountain bikes
  • Non-direction dependent
  • Has a unique stretch-proof treatment making it durable
  • Includes a Double X-Durability warranty

Customer Feedback

A KMC chain, in general, receives great reviews from customers. The KMC 11 speed series is no different and received a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. Users feel it is a great chain and works well with different bike parts. Another thing users like is the lightweight of the chain and it looks great on the bike.

Pros and Cons Related to the KMC 11 Speed Chain


  • Lightweight
  • Shifts great
  • Designed with a master link
  • Can rub the rust markings off with the finger
  • Durable and lasts long


  • Does start to rust when it gets wet but is easily removed with the finger


We hope our KMC 11 Speed Chain review helps you to make an informed choice when the time comes to buy a replacement chain. KMC is renowned for making the best bike chains on the market. The 11 series chain comes highly recommended by users who have used it on their road and mountain bikes. The great thing is the chains compatible with all 11x parts.

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