Hatchback Bike Rack Review

Are you an avid cyclist and need to take your bikes with you for tournaments or even on vacation? Then you will find our Hatchback bike rack review here helpful.

The trunk bike racks you can buy these days makes your life easier and enables you to transport one or more bikes at the same time. One of these bikes racks that stand out from different models available online is the TYGER Deluxe Black 3-bike rack.

Tyger Auto TG-RK1B204B

You can fit the Armor Deluxe 3-bike rack on most hatchbacks, minivans, Sedans, and SUVs. The other exceptional thing is this is a budget bicycle rack. With this rack mounted, you will have additional interior space to fit in other important items needed on your trip.

So without keeping you waiting, let us look a little closer at this bike rack.

Review on the TYGER Deluxe Bike Rack

If you are planning a trip to the mountains, the best transport method to see spectacular views is your bike. With the TYGER Deluxe bike rack, you can fit three bikes making sure the whole family enjoys cycling in the mountain. When choosing a trunk bike rack your vehicle model, bike, personal priorities and budget counts. For overall value for transporting your bikes, the Armor Deluxe trunk rack stands out. Let us look at the design.

The Design

The TYGER Armor Deluxe has a unique design not recommended using on vehicles with a rear spoiler. You receive the trunk bike rack assembled and hold up to three bikes with a maximum combined weight of 99 lbs. It has a fold away design to store in your vehicle when not used. It has a durable steel design and flexible to shape with your trunk.

To protect your cars paint the bike racks made from aluminum and have an E-coating to protect the rack from rust when used in different weather. There are coated hooks with six included straps to add stability to the rack when mounted.

Further, it has soft cradles found at the mounting points to protect your vehicle from damage. The frames lower parts padded and help to keep the bikes away from the car. This helps to protect your automobile and bikes structure.

The bike racks weigh 9.6 pounds before mounting it to your vehicle.

Installation and Safety

For keeping your bikes mounted secure, the Armor Deluxe trunk rack has a strong safety strap included. For transporting mountain bikes and a women’s city bike, you can buy the TYGER Adapter Bar to place in between your bikes seat post and handlebar. Mounting the bike rack, you can do with the included DIY instructions.

The bike racks the same as a bike carrier that attaches to a receiver with one difference. This model attaches to more than one point. Six durable straps hold the rack in place. There are steel bolts and the straps attach to it. This helps to keep the rack secure.


With the TYGER Amor Deluxe, you receive a no-hassle warranty with an excellent customer service. However, they recommend you do not install the trunk bike rack on campers, trailers, or RVs. Further, they suggest you not install it on any vehicle that is longer than 18 feet.

Prime Features

  • The carrying capacity is three bikes with a weight of 33 lbs each
  • Includes a safety strap
  • Designed with six heavy duty straps
  • Has soft stability cradles found at the bottom
  • To prevent rust buildup and protecting the rack from the weather it has an E-coating
  • Includes a do-it-yourself manual
  • The product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty

Customer Feedback

In general, customers are more than pleased with the TYGER Deluxe bike rack. They gave the bike carrier a 4.1 out of 5-star rating. They love how easy the rack mounts and dismounts. Further, they like how adaptable the bike rack is to use on different vehicles. Users feel the trunk bike rack has a competitive price and you receive it assembled. The only negative remarks are it does not work with bikes that have dual suspension or a top frame bar.

Pros and Cons Related to the Hatchback Bike Rack


  • Mounts and dismounts easy
  • Durable
  • Adaptable to use with different car types
  • Easy to use
  • You receive it assembled
  • The racks protected from rust with the E-coating
  • When not used you can fold it away for storage
  • Holds three bikes


  • Does not work with dual suspension bikes and bicycles without a top frame bar


If you want to bring your bicycles with you on a trip, the TYGER Armor Deluxe is a 3-bike rack that can help you out. This hatchback bike rack has a unique design to fit most vehicles without a rear spoiler. The rack holds up to 99 pounds, and the racks held in place with six straps. There is an extra red safety strap to hold the bikes down.

You receive the bike carrier assembled and with points available, you can have it mounted, in no time. If you want to transport, a mountain bike or a city women’s bike you will need to buy an extra bike adaptor. This is a budget-friendly bike rack and recommended by different users to buy.

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