Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack Review

Do you own a bicycle? Do you have limited space in your home or small apartment?

Then we are pleased to present you with our Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack Review. This may be the solution to solving your bike storage problem.

The Michelangelo gravity stand is a two-bike rack offering you a safe space-saving resolution. The great thing is you do not need to drill holes into the wall to mount the rack. The bike rack leans against the wall to keep your bikes secure.

Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack

So to make your storage problem easier let us see if the Delta Michelangelo racks made for you.

Review of the Delta Michelangelo Bike Rack

The great thing with the Delta Cycle Michelangelo bike rack is it looks like a piece of artwork. The design is simple with two bent tubes to create rolling works of art. The price is moderate compared to other bike stands and if you do not have the time to weld and paint metal tubes worth buying.

The Design

The bike rack as mentioned before holds two bikes and the stand leans against the wall. You do not need to make holes in the wall. With the design, you can relocate it. The bike stand has a stable design with rubber knobs at the top to prevent damage to the wall.

At the bottom of the stand, there are rubber knobs to help keep the rack secure without sliding. The bikes fit secure with rubber-coated hooks that help prevent your bikes frame from scratching. You can position the hooks at any height. The other amazing thing is the arms are adjustable separately to use with any type of bike.

The Michelangelo two-bike stand can hold a combined weight of 100 pounds. The exterior of the stand is powder coated for durability. You receive the gravity stand shipped with all the needed tools for assembling and an instruction book.

Assembling and Warranty

From the time, you open the box and get it standing against the wall the thrill of receiving your bike stand will be over. This is how easy it is to assemble the Michelangelo 2-bike gravity stand. In addition, as mentioned before they send you all the hardware you need to assemble the stand included with your purchase. The other outstanding thing is you receive a limited lifetime warranty.

Prime Features

  • The arms of the Delta Michelangelo two-bike stand suspends to support different bikes
  • Can hold up to 100 pounds
  • The exterior of the frames coated with epoxy to prevent it from rusting
  • Includes the hardware and tools to assemble
  • Needs no added attachment as the stand leans against the wall
  • Designed with rubber bumpers to protect the wall and floor
  • The dimension of the stand is 83 x 19.75 x 16-inches
  • You receive a limited lifetime warranty

Customer Feedback

You can find quite a few Michelangelo Bike Rack Reviews available online to read. The majority of customers are more than pleased with this work of art. They like the fact that it is easy to assemble and includes all the hardware and tools. The other exceptional thing is it fits in with most d├ęcor in your home or the garage.

Pros and Cons related to the Michelangelo bike rack


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Needs no extra mounting holes to fix to a wall and stands by itself
  • Looks great
  • The extra hooks are great to keep your helmet and locks hanging securely
  • Affordable


  • The best solution is to hang a lighter bike at the top and the heavier one at the bottom to prevent it from tilting


If you live in a condominium or home with limited space and need to store your bikes, the Delta Michelangelo bike rack is the best solution. This is one of the best bike racks and takes up little floor space. You do not need to make holes in the wall to mount the rack as it uses gravity to lean against the wall. Assembling the stand is super easy and includes all the needed hardware. Therefore, if you need a stand to accommodate different bikes we hope the Michelangelo two-bike rack comes to your rescue.

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