✅ Best 11-Speed Chain: Transform Your Bike into a Mean Machine

When you look at your bicycle, everything about it is functional from the oily working bits to the chain.

With the right chain, you can go anywhere with your machine. With the chain came multiple gear ratios for you to use. In addition, with the development of the derailleur during the 1950s your bicycles become a dream to ride. Over the year, chain widths have become sleek with more gears.

Not only do they have different links they can bend and turn in between the chainrings at the front and the cassette at the rear. With the tapered design of chains, you can fit more sprockets at the rear without the need of bending the chain.

Yes, the basic designs stayed the same the detailing of the chain links and contact points been modified and fine-tuned. This gives you a functional chain with less shifting force. They are more reliable with less friction giving you ample speed.

This you can see in some of the best 11-speeds chains. Here you can find some of the top bike chains with vital links to turn your bike into a mean machine.

List of 5 Best 11-Speed Chains

1. Shimano Ultegra XT CN-HG701-11 Chain

For every mile you ride, you expect the chain on your bike to grab each cog of the cassette. Until one day, it stops and you stand stranded alongside the roads. This is where you need to upgrade to the Shimano XT/Ultegra CN-HG701 11-speed chain. Shimano manufactured the CN-HG701 with a Sil-Tec coating for endurance and smooth pedaling. Furthermore, the chains made of stainless steel and have 116 links.

With the asymmetrical design, you can keep shifting through the 11-speed drivetrain and focus on your ride. The chains available in gray color with a dimension of 0.75 x 2.5 x 9.25-inches and one size fit all. The weight of the chain is 0.66 pounds and adds no additional weight to your bike.

The chains compatible with the Carbon spider with aluminum, steel and titanium cogs. With the new design of the outer plate, helps reduce chain suck. The outer links constructed of Zinc-Alloy and the inner plates designed to improve the contact with the gears. The great thing is Shimano backs their product with a two-year warranty.


  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Light
  • Affordable


  • None noted

2. KMC X11SL 11-Speed Chain

KMC X11SL 11-Speed ChainFor an outstanding 11-speed chain, the KMC X11SL has a Diamond Like coating to help reduce abrasive wear. You can buy the chain in different color designs available in a one or two pack. The chain has 116 links with the highest pin power and hollow outer plates. This is one of the lightest chains and made for the professional cyclist.

It weighs 243 grams and manufactured with KMC’s Triple X Durability with excellent mud shedding properties. The X11SL is compatible with 29-inch MTBs. The length is ½ x 11 x 128” and the pin length is 5.65mm. Furthermore, it is compatible with any 11-speed derailleur. There is inner and outer plate chamfering with a hollow inner/outer plate.

Included you receive the 11x missing link and the products backed by a one-year warranty.


  • Easy to install
  • Superlight
  • Great design with different color options to choose


  • Expensive

3. TAYA 11-Speed UL Bike Chain  

TAYA 11 Speed Light Weight Bike Chain TAYA Chain was the first ever bike chain manufacturer in Taiwan and have been producing chains for nearly 50 years. They have taken the manufacturing of the TAYA 11-speed chain to a new level making it more durable. The pin is DHT hardened and has a 360° riveting power. The inner chamfered outer plates have a 4-edge design for a quick and smooth shifting.

The hollow pins and plates make the chain lighter and compatible with SRAM Shimano Campagnolo 11-speed drivetrain. Choose from seven different colors to suit your lifestyle and make your bike stand out from the crowd. Included you receive 2 sets of Sigma+ Connector chain links.


  • Durable
  • Works well on dry tracks and muddy places
  • Noiseless
  • Smooth
  • Now available in gold color as well


  • None noted

4. Shimano XTR/Dura-Ace CN-HG901

Shimano XTR Dura-Ace CN-HG901 11-Speed ChainFor a lightweight bicycle chain, the Shimano XTR/Dura-Ace CN-HG901 weighs 243 grams. With the symmetrical Zink-Alloy Plated design, you get durability and smooth shifts. The outer and inner links constructed of Zink-Alloy and optimized for 11-speed Super Narrow HG-EV drivetrain. The outer plate has a newly developed design prevents chain suck and has a Sil-Tec surface. The pin is hollow to save on weight.

While the inner plates re-developed for a better contact for smooth gear shifting. You can pair the chain with Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 & XTR 9000 components. The recommended use of the chains best fitted on an E-Bike. Another standout is you receive a two-year warranty included.


  • Excellent chain
  • You can buy the chain in a special pin or quick link design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to install


  • You need a tool when installing the chain as a special or quick link

5. Shimano 105 CN HG-601 Chain

Shimano 11s HG601 ChainDo you need reliable shifting when climbing out those hills with your bike? Then you need the Shimano 105 CH HG-601 11-speed chain for a smooth ride. To reduce chain suck the outer plates re-designed to prevent this from happening. On the outer surface, the chains treated with Sil-Tec and have PTFE plating on the inner links.

With the new design, the chain makes better contact with the gears for smooth shifting giving you an easy pedaling. The chain width is 5.62mm and optimized for the 11-speed Super Narrow HG-EV Drivetrain. The average weight of the chain is 257 grams and you receive a two-year warranty included.


  • Quality
  • Excellent price
  • Great design
  • Runs quietly


  • Does not include the quick link


If you need the best 11-speed chain, we hope you find a reliable one with our review. Each of these bicycle chains has a durable, flexible, and stylish design to fit in with your bike. Not only are they sleek, but also affordable to buy.

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